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The Linguistic Bibliography indexes publications on language and theoretical linguistics aimed at an academic audience of linguists. 

Publication forms included in Linguistic Bibliography:
  • books: monographs and edited volumes incl. Festschriften and conference proceedings  
  • articles from journals and chapters from edited volumes, incl. short “research notes”  
  • reviews and review articles  
  • pre-conference publications
  • working papers
  • biographical data and obituaries  
  • bibliographies  
  • PhD dissertations, especially on lesser-studied languages or subjects  
  • online resources  
  • primary sources and language documentation, especially of lesser studied languages, e.g. corpora, word lists  
The following subjects are not prioritized for indexation:
  • Applied linguistics
  • Literary studies  
  • Philology  
  • Codicology  
  • Pedagogy  
  • Translation studies  
Publication forms not included:
  • conference reports 
  • unpublished or self-published materials  
  • Bachelor or Master theses  
  • editorial notes, letters to the editor, etc.  
The editorial staff is always happy to consider any suggestions or requests for inclusion. Please send an e-mail with details of the publication (URL if possible) to [email protected]. While online access is preferred, print copies of books and journal issues are appreciated as well and may be sent to the following address:

Linguistic Bibliography
PO Box 9000
2300 PA Leiden
The Netherlands

All suggestions will be processed very carefully indeed.