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Actual sentence perspective see: Prague school
Autosegmental phonology
Blending theory
Cognitive grammar see: Cognitive linguistics
Cognitive linguistics
Conceptual blending theory see: Blending theory
Conceptual integration theory
Conceptual metaphor theory
Construction morphology
Conversation analysis
Critical discourse analysis
Cultural linguistics
CV phonology
CVCV phonology see: Strict CV phonology
Dependency grammar
Distributed morphology
Distributed syntax
Dual route
Dynamic syntax
Element theory
European structuralism see: Prague school
Exemplar theory
Experimental phonetics/phonology
FDG see: Functional discourse grammar
Fluid construction grammar
Formal semantics
Frame semantics
Functional discourse grammar
Functional generative description
Functional grammar see: Functionalism
Functional sentence perspective see: Prague school
Garden path theory
GB see: Generative grammar
Generative grammar
Generative lexicon
Government and binding see: Generative grammar
Government phonology
Harmonic grammar
Head-driven phrase structure grammar
HPSG see: Head-driven phrase structure grammar
Integrational linguistics
Lexical constructional model
Lexical functional grammar
Lexical phonology
LFG see: Lexical functional grammar
Linguistic determinism see: Linguistic relativity
Linguistic relativity
Matrix language frame model
Meaning-text theory
Mental space theory
Minimalist program see: Minimalism
Montague grammar
Multidimensional analysis
Natural morphology see: Transparency
Network morphology
Optimality theory
OT see: Optimality theory
Parameter see: Principles and parameters
Prague school
Principles and parameters
Radical minimalism
Relational grammar
Relational network theory
Relevance theory
Role and reference grammar
RRG see: Role and reference grammar
Sapir-Whorf hypothesis see: Linguistic relativity
SFG see: Systemic functional grammar
Situation semantics
Strict CV phonology
Swadesh see: Lexicostatistics
Systemic functional grammar
Systemic functional linguistics see: Systemic functional grammar
Transformational-generative grammar see: Generative grammar
Word grammar
X-bar see: Generative grammar