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  • Roots and Branches of St. Ignatius: As Revealed in His Letters
  • Language (written in): English
  • Author: [not specified],
  • Source: Ignis volume 43, 4, (2013): 47–58.
  • Published: 2013
  • Abstract: The editor of Ignis informs us that this paper has been written by a yet not known author. The paper shows the missionary purpose for which St. Ignatius used letter writing. It also illustrates the Society’s way of proceeding, keeping up a flow of information, not only between the companions, but also with their friends and co-workers. The letters shows how Ignatius advices and treats the companions. His treatment of Bobadilla is an interesting example. His letter to Borgia about his acceptance of a cardinal’s hat is not only a lesson in discernment, but also shows the delicate manner in which advice is offered, without I anyway interfering with the liberty of the other to make his own decision. His suggestion that the Spirit may inspire different people in different ways for different reasons is a lesson in openness to the Spirit and the complexity of discernment. His concern for and attitude to lay collaborators is far ahead of his time. Today the media of communications are much easier and faster. But Ignatius has lessons for us about how to use the media according to the spirit of the Society in view of its mission. Ignatius also used the letters for the edification of collaborators and benefactors
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