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传播学视角中的艾儒略与《口铎日抄》研究/Chuan bo xue shi jiao zhong de Ai Rulüe yu 'Kou duo ri chao' yan jiu

《四字經文》,本位化與台灣天主教 [Sizi jing wen’, benweihua yu Taiwan tianzhujiao]

The Inspiration of Jesuit Educational Thought in Modern China

Jesuit Jingjiao: The 'Appropriation' of Tang Christianity by Jesuit Missionaries in the Seventeenth Century

Books on Cultural Exchange between China and the West in the Late Ming and Early Qing. Review of Jean-François Gerbillon S.J., (1654–1707): Un des cinq mathématiciens envoyés en Chine par Louis XIV, by Yves de Thomaz de Bossierre; Letters from China to His Native Country and Other Correspondence with European Astronomers (1716–1736), by Josef Kolmas; Un solo Cielo: Giulio Aleni S.J. (1582–1649): Geografia, arte, scienza, religione dall'Europa alla Cina, by Eugenio Menegon; Ferdinand Verbiest (1623–1688): Jesuit Missionary, Scientist, Engineer and Diplomat, edited by John W. Witek; The Astronomia Europaea of Ferdinand Verbiest, S.J., (Dillingen, 1687): Text, Translation, Notes and Commentaries, by Noel Golvers; L'Europe en Chine: Interactions scientifiques, religieuses et culturelles aux XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles, edited by Catherine Jami and Hubert Delahaye; A Question of Rites: Friar Domingo Navarrete and the Jesuits in China, by J. S. Cummins; New Discussion on the Relationship between Neo-Confucianism and Science in the Late Ming-Early Qing Period, by Zhang Yongtang

La Cina nella cartografia da Tolomeo al XVII secolo: I mappamondi di Matteo Ricci e Giulio Aleni

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