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The Bibliography of Slavic Linguistics is part of the Linguistic Bibliography. If you would like to contact the editors to suggest publications for indexation, or comment on the contents of the database, please send an e-mail to bl@brill.com

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About the editors

Sijmen Tol holds degrees in Slavic Studies from Utrecht University (1979) and Book and Library Studies (1987) at the University of Amsterdam. He published articles on the history of the Linguistic Bibliography and on the development of electronic bibliographies in general. He has been an editor of the Linguistic Bibliography since 1989.

René Genis, (Ph.D. 2008, Slavic linguistics) has been on the staff of the Linguistic Bibliography since 2011. He is also a member of the research group Slavic Verbal Aspect and related Issues of the University of Amsterdam.

Ekaterina Bobyleva, (Ph.D. 2013 in Linguistics, University of Amsterdam) joined the editorial staff of the Linguistic Bibliography in 2014. Her main research interests are information structure, reference marking, bilingual language acquisition, language contact and creole studies.

Eline van der Veken holds a BA in English language & culture (2008) and a Res. MA in Linguistics (2011). Her main interests include historical linguistics, phonology and (Old) Germanic languages. She joined the editorial staff of the Linguistic Bibliography in 2011.