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The following is a list of abbreviations used in the Bibliography of Slavic Linguistics. Please note that wherever these abbreviations appear in the titles of publications, they were used so by the authors.

German abbreviations
Russian abbreviations

ab. abstract
Acad. Academy, academic, academician
acc. accusative
Alb. Albanian
a.o. among others
app. appendix
Arm. Armenian
art. article
ass. association, or: assisted, assistant
biblio. bibliography
Bulg. Bulgarian
c. column(s), or: century
cf. confer (compare)
coll. collection
comm. commentary
comp. compiler
conf. conference
cont. continuation, continued
contr. contribution(s)
coord. coordinator, coordinated
corr. correction, corrected
Cz. Czech
dial. dialect(al)
disc. discussion
diss. dissertation
Du. Dutch
E. English
ed. edited, editor, edition
enl. enlarged
Est. Estonian
et al. et alii (and others)
Eth. Ethiopic
etym. etymology, etymological
fac. faculty
facsim. facsimile(s)
fasc. fascicle
Fi. Finnish
fig. figure(s)
Fr. French
G. German
gen. genitive
Georg. Georgian
Gmc. Germanic
Gr. Greek
gramm. grammar, grammatical
Hebr. Hebrew
Hg. Hungarian
hist. history, historical
IE Indo-European
ill. illustration(s), illustrated
inst. institute
intern. international
introd. introduction, introductory
ipf. imperfect, imperfective
It. Italian
Jap. Japanese
Lat. Latin
lg. language
ling. linguistic, linguistics
lit. literature, literary
Lith. Lithuanian
Maced. Macedonian
mod. modern
ms. manuscript
No. number
Norw. Norwegian
n.s. new series
p. page(s)
part. participle, participial
pers. person, personal
PIE Proto-Indo-European
pl. plate(s)
Pol. Polish
Port. Portuguese
portr. portrait
pr. present
pref. preface
proc. proceedings
publ. publication(s), published
repr. reprint, reprinted
rev. review
Rom. Romanian (Rumanian)
Ru. Russian
sci. science(s), scientific
SCr. Serbo-Croatian
sg. singular
Sl. Slavic, Slavonic
S.l. Sine loco (no place)
Slov. Slovak
Slvn. Slovene, Slovenian
soc. society
s.n. sine nomine (no publisher)
Sp. Spanish
summ. summary
suppl. supplement
Sw. Swedish
tab. table(s)
transl. translation, translated
Ukr. Ukrainian
univ. university
UP University Press
vol. volume(s)
WRu. White Russian

German abbreviations

Ahd. Althochdeutsch
Aufl. Auflage
Bd. Band
Bearb. Bearbeiter, bearbeitet
Dt. (dt.) Deutsch (deutsch)
Hrsg. (Hg.) Herausgeber, herausgegeben
Jg. Jahrgang
Mitarb. Mitarbeit
Mitw. Mitwirkung
N.F. Neue Folge
u. und
Wiss. (wiss.) Wissenschaft(en), wissenschaftlich

Russian abbreviations

AN Akademija Nauk
GPI Gosudarstvennyj pedagogičeskij institut
izd. izdatel´stvo, izdanie
MGU Moskovskij gosudarstvennyj universitet
nem. nemeckij, -aja, -oe, -ie
otv. otvetstvennyj, -aja, -oe, -ye
red. redaktor, redakcija, redakcionnyj, -aja, -oe, -ye
sost. sostavitel´, sostaviteli; sostavlenie, sostavil, -la, -li
vyp. vypusk