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Compiled and edited by: Anne Aarssen, René Genis and Eline van der Veken

Linguistic Bibliography Online contains over 400,000 detailed bibliographical descriptions of linguistic publications on general and language-specific theoretical linguistics. While the bibliography aims to cover all languages of the world, particular attention is given to the inclusion of publications on endangered and lesser-studied languages. Publications in any language are collected, analyzed and annotated (using a state-of-the-art system of subject and language keywords) by an international team of linguists and bibliographers from all over the world. With a tradition of over sixty-five years, and over 20,000 references added annually, the Linguistic Bibliography remains the most comprehensive bibliography for every scholar and student of linguistics.

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4 May 2017
Monthly LBO update
  • 3178 records added
  • 43 journals updated
3 new journals added:
Glossa : a journal of general linguistics
Language matters : studies in the languages of Africa

19 new language keywords added:
Anywa Gwenedeg Molise Slavic San (Khoisan)
Birjia Kalanguya Naro Shilluk
Burgenland Croatian Kerneveg Ollari Tregerieg
G||ana Leoneg Päri Walmiki
G|ui Lopit Prekmurje Slovenian

6 April 2017
Monthly LBO update
  • 1476 records added
  • 57 journals updated

8 new journals added:

Annali : sezione Orientale
Chinese as a Second Language Research = Hànyǔ zuòwéi dì èr yǔyán yánjiū
Interdisciplinary studies on information structure
International journal of multilingualism
Konińskie studia językowe
Wài guó yǔ = Journal of Foreign Languages = 外国语
Wàiyǔ jiàoxué = Foreign Language Education = 外语教学
Wàiyǔ jiāoxué yǔ yánjiū = Foreign Language Teaching and Research = 外语教学与研究

13 new language keywords added:

ǂ’Amkoe Ghadames Tashelhit
Aujila Guarasu Zamucoan
Awing Hatran Aramaic Zuwara
Djerba Mirandese
Figuig N!aqriaxe

2 March 2017
Monthly LBO update
  • 1847 records added
  • 128 journals updated

5 new journals added:

Karaite Archives
Konińskie studia językowe
SAIA : Annuario della Scuola Archeologica di Atene e delle Missioni Italiane in Oriente
Studi micenei ed egeo-anatolici. Nuova serie
Studia Rossica Gedanensia

17 new language keywords added:

Baining Lihir Ranmo
Bangla Sign Language Magɨ Saudi Arabian Sign Language
Chaouia Malian Sign Language Taulil
Haitian Sign Language Mòcheno Thaypan
Iranian Sign Language Nkami Urama
Kairak Papapana

2 February 2017

Monthly LBO update
10 January 2017
Language and subject keywords updated

The following 120 new keywords were added to the list of language keywords:
Abau Kanembu Portuguese Sign Language
Adele Kasiguranin Pukapuka
Afitti Kelantan Malay Ralte
Algerian Jewish Sign Language Khams Ririo
Alipur Sign Language Kibaku Sambal
Amarasi K'iche' Samogo
Angan Kickapoo Saudi Arabian Arabic
Apatani Knaanic Sechura
Babatana Konchri Sain Semai
Balami Koroshi Serrano
Banyaduq Lacandon Slovak Sign Language
Bih Lanoh Slovenian Sign Language
Black American Sign Language Late Middle Japanese South Pacific Englishes
Bobo Liangmai Stau
Bugun Lohorung Sukur
Burundi Sign Language Mangbutu-Efe Tactile signed language
Bwaidoka Mardin Sign Language Tadaksahak
Chadian Arabic Masalit Tai Yo
Chican Sign Language Mato Tajikistan Arabic
Chocha-ngachakha Matukar Panau Taracahita
Cook Islands Māori Mazahua Tasawaq
Daakaka Mazatec Teda-Tubu
Dartsendo Menya Tehueco
Deg Mimi Thadou
Dogon Sign Language Modern Japanese Tirax
Early Middle Japanese Modern Korean Tiv
Emae Mongolian Sign Language Tommo So
Enggano Mopán Trans-New Guinea
Gelong Ngiti Tutong
Ghanaian Pidgin English Nkami Võro
Grenadian Creole English Nllng Warrgamay
Guayakí Norf’k Wasa
Ibatan Old Nubian Whitesands
Ife Old Sardinian Yakkha
Ígálà Old Sicilian Yalaku
Ik Paluai Yintyingka
Inuit Sign Language Paranan Yolngu Sign Language
Judeo-Italian Pataxó Hã Hã Hãe Yucatec Maya Sign Language
Jumjum Píng Zagawa-Bideyat-Berti
Kagate Ponosakan Zimbabwe Sign Language

The following 21 new keywords were added to the list of subject keywords:
Alternative semantics Nanosyntax
Appraisal theory Phase verb
Colloquial Poststructuralism
Construction morphology Radical CV phonology
Critical metaphor analysis Rhetorical structure theory
Cultural linguistics Situation semantics
Dependency phonology Sociophonetics
Harmonic grammar Syntax first alignment
Lexical constructional model Textbook
Lexical priming Verbal noun
Locative (semantic role)

5 January 2017
Monthly LBO update
23 November 2016
Brill launches new blog on language and linguistics

Brill's Language and Linguistics Blog is hosted by Linguist List and will feature the latest news about Brill publications, as well as guest posts from Brill authors and editors on a variety of subjects in language and linguistics. To visit the blog, click here.

11 November 2016
Now available in print: Linguistic Bibliography for the year 2015

Linguistic Bibliography for the year 2015 covers publications on language and linguistics from 2015 as well as recent publications from previous years that had not been indexed until now. The yearbook contains a total of 20,486 entries and features indexes of names, languages and subjects. All of the bibliographical references collected in the yearbook for 2015 are digitally available in Linguistic Bibliography Online.
For more information about Linguistic Bibliography for the year 2015, visit Brill's website.

3 November 2016
Milestone: 400,000 records in Linguistic Bibliography Online

Today, 7,038 records were added to Linguistic Bibliography Online as part of the monthly update which brings the total number of records in the online database to 400,006!
The Linguistic Bibliography is made possible by the valuable work of our contributing linguists around the world, who gather, compile and annotate bibliographical references within their field of expertise. Click here to learn more about becoming a contributor.

Current contributors

Astrid Alexander-Bakkerus, Amsterdam
Indigenous languages of the Andes / 2005-

Rogier Blokland, München
Uralic languages / 2005-

Johannes Bronkhorst, Lausanne
History of Indian linguistics / 1985-

Benjamin Brosig, Hong Kong
Mongolian languages / 2003-

Central University Library of Bucharest
Research Methodology Department, Bucureşti
Romania / 1987-

Wolf Dietrich, Münster
Meso- and South-American languages / 2005-

Yves Duhoux, Louvain-la-Neuve
Mycenaean and Minoan / 1985-

Michael Dürr, Berlin
Languages of Meso-America / 2014-

Irantzu Epelde, Bayonne
Basque / 2010-

Anna Aurelia Esposito, Würzburg
Middle Indo-Aryan / 2003-

Federico Gobbo, Amsterdam
Planned languages / 2013-

Tatsuya Hirako, Tōkyō
Japan / 2015-

Institute for Modern Greek Studies, Thessaloniki
Greece / 1999-

Britta Irslinger, Freiburg
Brittonic languages / 2001-

Emil Lafe, Tiranë
Albanian / 1993-

Joseph A. McIntyre, Hamburg
Chadic languages / 1998-

Astrid Menz, Istanbul
Turkic languages / 1993-

Milica Mirkulovska, Skopje
Macedonia / 1996-

Carlos Molina Valero, Murcia
Anatolian & Proto-Indo-European / 2004-

Jurij Mosenkis & Nazarij A. Nazarov, Kyjiv
Ukraine / 2004-

Jana Papcunová, Praha
Czech Republic / 2000-

Ludwig Paul, Hamburg
(Modern) Iranian languages / 1992-

Lăčezar Perčeklijski, Blagoevgrad
Bulgaria / 2012-

Anja Pohontsch, Bautzen/Budyšin
Sorbian / 2013-

Xosé Luís Regueira Fernández, Santiago de Compostela
Galician / 1993-

Eva Remberger, Wien
Sardinian / 2010-

Daniela Slančová & Martin Ološtiak, Prešov
Slovak Republic / 1996-

Ágnes Stemler, Budapest
Hungary / 1996-

Benjamin Suchard, Leiden
Hebrew / 2012-

Tadeusz Szymański, Kraków
Poland / 1962- (and Bulgaria / 1962-2000)

Ruth Videsott, Brixen/Bressanone
Rhaeto-Romance languages / 2012-

Jasna Vlajić-Popović, Beograd
Serbia / 1999-

Reinhard Weipert, München
Arab tradition, Arabic and Libyco-berber / 1985-

Dagmar S. Wodtko, Berlin
Celtic languages (except Brittonic) / 2001-

List of former contributors
Key features
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History of the Linguistic Bibliography
Abbreviations used in LB

The Linguistic Bibliography Online includes all bibliographical references of the printed yearbooks 1993-present, as well as additional materials which are exclusive to the online version (e.g. online resources). New bibliographical descriptions on the latest linguistic publications are added to the online database on a monthly basis. Annual volumes of the Linguistic Bibliography continue to be published in print by Brill.

Key Features

  • Contains over 400,000 bibliographical references
  • Links to full-text and library services
  • DOI links and abstracts increasingly available
  • Monthly updates with ± 20,000 new references added per year
  • Compiled, analyzed, and annotated by an international team of specialists
  • Includes publications written in 140+ languages (translations provided wherever relevant)
  • Simple, full-text search and advanced search
  • 800+ subject keywords and 2500+ language keywords
  • Save, print and email bibliographic references
  • Export citations in various formats to compile and refine your own bibliography

Subjects included in Linguistic Bibliography:

  • all languages and language families
  • theoretical linguistics
  • biographical data on linguists (e.g. biographies, obituaries)

Publication forms included in Linguistic Bibliography:

  • books: monographs and edited volumes incl. Festschriften and conference proceedings
  • articles from journals incl. e-journals and open access
  • chapters from edited volumes
  • short research notes and squibs
  • reviews and review articles
  • bibliographies
  • PhD dissertations
  • textbooks and handbooks catered to students
  • online resources
  • obituaries
  • dictionaries on lesser studied languages
  • primary sources and language documentation, especially of lesser studied languages, e.g. corpora, wordlists

The Linguistic Bibliography is currently edited by three in-house editors who are located at the Brill office in Leiden. To contact the editors, you may send an email to or view the List of editors.

Advisory Board
Prof. Willem Adelaar (University of Leiden, The Netherlands)
Prof. Peter Austin (SOAS/ELAP, London, United Kingdom)
Prof. Bernard Comrie (MPI/EVA, Leipzig, Germany)
Prof. William Croft (University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, USA)
Prof. Christian Lehmann (University of Erfurt, Germany)

The Linguistic Bibliography/Bibliographie Linguistique was founded in 1946 by CIPL (Comité International Permanent des Linguistes/Permament International Committee of Linguists) and continues to receive its support to this day. CIPL is an international organization founded to assist in the development of linguistic science. It tries to further linguistic research and to co-ordinate activities undertaken for the advancement of linguistics.
Visit CIPL's website.

The Linguistic Bibliography is published in print and online by academic publisher Brill. Founded in 1683, Brill is a publishing house with a rich history and a strong international focus. The company’s head office is in Leiden, (The Netherlands) with a branch office in Boston, Massachusetts (USA). Brill was listed at the Amsterdam Stock exchange in 1896. Brill shares have been publicly traded since 1997.

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Abstracting policy
As of 2012, the Linguistic Bibliography Online includes abstracts and summaries in bibliographical descriptions of books and articles. This service to our users is exclusively available in the online version of the Linguistic Bibliography, i.e. abstracts do not appear in the annual print volumes. Abstracts are displayed as they appear in the original publication, although formats may be edited for technical reasons, and copyright remains with the author and/or publisher.

We are much obliged to the publishers, organizations and journal editors providing abstracts free-of-charge and granting us permission to display them in our online database. Click here to view the full list of cooperating institutions.

Request for indexation
To request the indexation of a journal or other type of publication in the Linguistic Bibliography, please send an email with details of the publication (URL if possible) to All suggestions will be processed very carefully by the editorial staff. Click here for more information about the criteria for inclusion.

History of the Linguistic Bibliography/Bibliographie Linguistique
The idea of compiling a linguistic bibliography was conceived in 1946, at the sixth meeting of the CIPL (Comité International Permanent des Linguistes/Permament International Committee of Linguists) in Paris. The bibliography would cover linguistic publications of the previous years in order to re-establish international contacts between linguists which had been interrupted by World War II. Linguists from ten different countries contributed to the first volume, which was was the responsibility of Prof. Christine Mohrmann, who soon entrusted the work to Jan Beylsmit. In 1948, the newly founded UNESCO agreed to make a financial contribution to each volume, which would cover the printing costs. In 1949, the first volume of the Linguistic Bibliography/Bibliographie Linguistique (LB) was published by publishing house Spectrum (Utrecht, The Netherlands).

From then on, new volumes of the LB yearbook were published, first with Spectrum, then with Martinus Nijhoff (1980-), Kluwer (1988-), Springer (2005-), and finally Brill (2008-). From 1983, the LB staff were housed in the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (National Library of the Netherlands), where an online bibliographical database was developed. The Linguistic Bibliography Online (LBO) was launched in 2002 and contains all bibliographical references from 1993 onwards.

Today, the Linguistic Bibliography print volumes and online database are published with Brill (Leiden, The Netherlands), and are compiled by four in-house editors and some 40 contributors from all over the world. The print volumes continue to appear annually, and the Linguistic Bibliography Online currently contains over 400,000 bibliographical references and is updated monthly.

Read more: Article by Sijmen Tol

Abbreviations used in LB
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