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Compiled and edited by: Anne Aarssen, Femmy Admiraal, René Genis and Eline van der Veken

The Linguistic Bibliography Online is a comprehensive research tool published by the Permanent International Committee of Linguists under the auspices of the International Council of Philosophy and Humanistic Studies of UNESCO. With a tradition of over sixty-five years, the Linguistic Bibliography is by far the most comprehensive bibliography in the field. It is unique in its extensive coverage of non-Indo-European and lesser-known Indo-European languages, with special attention paid to endangered and extinct languages.

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The Linguistic Bibliography Online is an essential linguistic reference tool that is unique in its field. It provides over 385,000 bibliographical references to scholarly publications in linguistics and is by far the most comprehensive bibliography in the field.

Main categories
Key features
Printed edition


The Linguistic Bibliography Online covers all disciplines of theoretical linguistics, both general and language specific. Material is included concerning all geographical areas. Particular attention is given to endangered and extinct languages as well as lesser known Indo-European and non-Indo-European languages. These latter areas are not usually covered by other bibliographies. Up-to-date information is guaranteed by the collaboration of some forty contributing specialists from all over the world. With annually over 20,000 records added, arranged according to a state-of-the-art system of subject and language keywords, the Linguistic Bibliography remains the standard reference work for every scholar of linguistics.

The online edition contains all entries of the printed volumes as of 1993 and new records are added on a monthly basis. Annual volumes of the Linguistic Bibliography will continue to be published in print by Brill.

Main categories

General Reference Works
General Linguistics
Indo-European Languages
Asianic and Mediterranean Languages
Basque and Ancient Languages of the Iberian Peninsula
Hamito-Semitic / Afro-Asiatic Languages
Caucasian Languages
Eurasiatic Languages
Dravidian Languages
Languages of Mainland South-East Asia
Austronesian, Papuan and Australian Languages
Indigenous Languages of the Americas
Pidgin and Creole Languages
Sign Languages
Planned Languages

Key features

Cross-searchable linguistic database with over 385,000 bibliographical references
Regularly updated: 10 updates per year
Ca. 20,000 new records added per year
Contains over 114,000 names of linguists, 2,000 journals and 10,000 publishers
Sophisticated system of keywords (over 3,400 for languages and over 600 for subjects)
Browsable lists of language and subject keywords
Direct open URL link to full text (depending on your library's holdings)
Author/publisher abstracts added to recent records whenever available
Browsable list of periodicals which are partly or completely indexed, or have been in the past
Filter search results to refine by language, subject, date, publication type, or publication language
Tools to collect records and save them to a personal account
Full-text searchable bibliographical references
Titles are given in their original languages, with translations provided when relevant
In accordance with industry standards


A high-quality linguistic reference work
Widely respected as an authoritative source in its field
Covers all fields in linguistics, both general and language specific
Unique in its extensive coverage of non-Indo-European and lesser-known Indo-European languages, with special attention paid to endangered and extinct languages
Published on the authority of the Permanent International Committee of Linguistics (CIPL)
Bibliographical description according to the rules of the International Standard Bibliographic Description (ISBD) and of the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA)


All titles are given in their original language. English translations are usually provided of titles in lesser-known languages when these concern languages other than the title language or belong to the general section.

The coverage of the Linguistic Bibliography is constrained in the following ways:

Only scientific publications are included, no popular pamphlets and pedagogical works (the pedagogical restriction being moderated in the case of lesser known languages)
Publications on applied linguistics are listed only if they have theoretical implications


A network of international specialists ensures world-wide in-depth coverage. Some of these experts are responsible for a specific field of linguistics, others cover the complete production of their home countries.

Printed edition

The Linguistic Bibliography has been published in printed form since 1950. For further details on the history of the Linguistic Bibliography, see Sijmen Tol's 2000/2008 essay on the subject.

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